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7 Tips To Declutter Your Garage Before Winter

1. Get started before the snow comes and the temps drop

It’s ideal to clean your garage while it’s still warm. The doors may be opened in warmer weather, giving you more room to organize and make heaps. In addition, you’ll have time to take your time and do the job perfectly before winter.

A car stuck under snow after a snow storm just before leaving for work...

2. Sort through your stuff

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we have collected and stored in our garages. To tackle the project of sorting through your stuff, we suggest separating your items into three main categories.

    1. Stuff to throw away
    2. Stuff to donate
    3. Stuff to keep
Donation Box

3. Proper removal and disposal

What are you going to do with all of the items in the heaps now? The goods in the donate pile can certainly be delivered to your preferred neighborhood charity. You can get rid of useless things just by throwing them away but keep in mind that you shouldn’t put anything with a cord or electronic parts in the trash. They must be responsibly recycled. If you are not sure what to do with some of your items, you can contact a junk removal service like River Valley Junk & Demo to donate or properly dispose of your junk.

4. Left over paint

Many homeowners store extra paint cans in the basement or garage and are not sure how to dispose of it properly. It’s important to know that wet paint cannot be disposed of in the trash. So, open up the paint lid and let the paint dry before you dispose of it.

Old Paint Cans

5. Storage Systems

There are a lot of storage systems available that are designed to help you organize the items that you are going to keep. Check with your local hardware store to see the latest and greatest storage systems.

Garage storage

6. Help is easy to find

Donating, recycling, and disposal may be taken care of for you by organizations like River Valley Junk & Demo. This is especially useful if you are pressed for time or have a large number of donations to make. Additionally, when our customers are unsure about what to do with outdated TVs, gym equipment, stoves, pool tables, etc., they call us. All of the stuff can be sorted out, and the appropriate places can receive it. Furthermore, you should not dispose of all of your trash at the dump. In the event that we donate products on your behalf, we will even send you a tax-deductible receipt!

7. Park your car

There is finally room enough to park your car in the garage again!

The last thing you need as the winter holidays approach is additional stress brought on by extra clutter. Even though many of us only visit the garage once or twice a day, it is a vital storage area, and maintaining it in order can have the same positive effects as maintaining order in any other room of the house.

These tips should help to simplify your organizing tasks this winter, giving you more time and space to concentrate on other things. Starting with getting rid of items you no longer use or need is what we advise. More space will become available than you might anticipate, and you will enjoy the organization.

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