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Junk Removal Services

We Love Removing Heavy And Burdensome Unique Items

Call us to remove your junk

Maybe you have a unique, awkward or heavy item inside or outside of your home that you are tired of looking at or working around. We call these specialty items. We specialize in removing junk – inside or out and we have the experience and tools to get the junk removed safely and efficiently.

Lumber removal

Hot Tub and Jacuzzi Removal

Non working hot tubs can be an eyesore

We all know that hot tubs and jacuzzis can be warm and relaxing, especially during Minnesota and Wisconsin winters. But, if you aren’t using them or they’re not working anymore, they take up a lot of space and can become an eyesore. That’s why River Valley Junk and Demo has a hot tub removal service. We remove the hot tub or jacuzzi from your property and dispose of it properly. 

Exercise Equipment

Hauling and proper disposal

We can remove your heavy and bulky exercise equipment and dispose of it properly. If the equipment is still usable, we will deliver and donate it to a River Valley area charity. Some of the exercise equipment we haul away:

  • Treadmills
  • Stair Steppers
  • Weights and Dumbbells
  • Stationary Bikes
  • Workout Benches
  • Elliptical Machines
Clothing on Treadmill

Scrap Metal Pick Up and Removal

Heavy, bulky scrap metal disposal

We can remove your junk metal items that you do not need or are unable to haul away yourself. We have the know how, manpower and equipment to remove your unwanted metal safely.

Scrap Metal

Yard Waste Removal

Branches, limbs, leaves, sticks and more...

Natural Debris: You trim all the branches in your yard and we’ll dispose of them. We help homeowners get rid of their yard waste. Do you have a lot of trees and branches down from a big storm? No problem. We’ll come and dispose of your yard waste so you don’t have to.

Man Made Yard Waste Clean-out: A yard full of man-made clutter can be difficult to clean out because the items are often heavy, rusty or difficult to get to. We’ve cleaned out old cars, engines, boats, paver stones and lumber. We work hard so you can enjoy your clean yard.

Yard Waste

Mirrors and Glass Disposal

Glass removal can be dangerous

Many glass pieces and mirrors are very large, heavy and difficult to carry. Removing them can be very dangerous if not handled correctly. Let the pros at River Valley Junk and Demo remove these awkward and dangerous items for you. We frequently move old mirrors and glass objects for our clients in Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota.

Broken Glass

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